European Product Design Award 2019
Life, post our introduction to virtual world through phones & multimedia has made us least conscious of nature surrounding us. We have forgotten to appreciate its beauty & conservation to sustain it for next generation. With ‘Org’ rug the designer wants to showcase how the interiors will be placed in the current scenario. She chooses the color “LIVING CORAL’ which is in the center of chromatic table, to bridge the gap of real & virtual worlds we are in middle of. This depicts the synthesis of conscious design, in the black and white world of disruptive colors, with multi sensory approach.
The proximity of generations and metamorphosis is what defines “Eutro”. The conversion of eras from vintage to retro then modern is well narrated. It is an appreciation of art of each era. Carefully thought and worked upon, it is responsive to the vintage era holding the tradition of kilims, to the retro- transforming the aged tradition into nostalgia with fluidity. The last patch is an epitome of the modern times in which we are residing. Its mutation is what makes it purposeful and sustainable. Changing from a piece of rug to a runner, mat or an art-piece, it is a multi-utility product.
ART INDIA Traditional Handmade Rugs and Carpet of India

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