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Art India is honored to collaborate with GoodWeave,
a non-profit organization that conducts rigorous audits of
our Indian factories.
Through this partnership, we guarantee
the absence of child labor, forced labor, or bonded labor
in the production of our rugs.
Our Indian rugs are crafted with unwavering
dedication to traditional methods. Each stage,
from the delicate dip-dyeing of wool to the meticulous
weaving process, is undertaken by skilled artisans
who safeguard this timeless heritage.





Art India believes to be known as a brand who is creating products by using skills and strength of weavers from different community around India. We want to promote and sell good products around the world which helps creating employment in the society. Want to build a sustainable brand who makes efficient products.

Art India look to design and create a unique product which has its own value. We strive to grow our name and business in international market with the same honestly and integrity we use to craft our products with sustainability and great look for all.

Our work will be guided with the strong belief of hard work, deliver work with honesty and integrity and full respect to fellow members.

ART INDIA Traditional Handmade Rugs and Carpet of India

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